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Products & Services

Indictment Maker® Software

    Indictment Maker® Software allows County Prosecutors to prepare Indictments with the push of a button. After Officers prepare the Criminal Complaints, the information from those Complaints is transferred to the Indictment Module where the Prosecutor can either accept the charging decisions made by the Officer and prepare an Indictment with the push of a button, or can quickly modify the charges and prepare the Indictment. The process is very quick and easy!

Video Training

    Each time the Legislature modifies a law included in Affidavit Maker® Software, we provide detailed video training of the Legislative change. The training can be viewed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This provides a tremendous cost saving as it is no longer necessary to schedule special training sessions for Legislative updates.

Data Import/Export

    We take great pride in working with your other software vendors. We know how important it is to eliminate duplicate data entry. We will work with your current vendors to import data into Affidavit Maker® Software and export data from Affidavit Maker® Software. Less time typing allows for more time on the street.

Law Office Directory Clerk Software

    Law Office Directory Clerk is a software program that will help manage client folder creation. The program is designed to consistently create and name the folders generally needed for a specific type case. With Law Office Directory Clerk, Client folders will have consistent folder types and folder names so you have a uniform Client directory structure instead of a mess of client files.  DirectoryClerk Software

Network Services