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    Affidavit Maker® Software is a Windows™ based computer program that speeds the preparation of adult criminal and juvenile complaints, reduces Deputy/Officer down-time, gathers important information from the beginning of the case, eliminates communication problems between departments/offices and eliminates costly repetition throughout the entire criminal justice system.

Our Goals

    Saving money, time and effort are all major goals of Affidavit Maker® Software. We accomplish these goals by ensuring that Affidavit Maker® Software is updated several times each year with legislative updates. Along with each update, we provide on-line video training so the Law Enforcement Officers have the most accurate and current information on the many changes in the law. When Law Enforcement uses Affidavit Maker® to prepare any of the hundreds of legally correct and legible criminal complaints, a data file is exported from Affidavit Maker® so that it can be imported into the Court’s Case Management System. Not only does the Court have a legally correct and legible criminal complaint, but the Deputy Clerks never have to retype the defendant/arrest/charge information! In addition, we can export data to the County Prosecutor where an Indictment can be prepared with the “push of a button!” By using Affidavit Maker® Software to prepare criminal complaints, the Officers are far more up-to-date on the law and they are far less likely to make charging or scrivener errors -- This saves money, time and effort!


  • Affidavit Maker® Software works in County, Juvenile, Municipal and Mayors Courts.
  • Affidavit Maker® Software comes complete with on-line Windows™ help systems of Title 21 & 29 of the Ohio Revised Code.
  • Affidavit Maker® Software is updated several times a year when legislative changes occur.
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Legislative Updates

Affidavit Maker® clients are UP TO DATE! Are you still struggling with your updates? If so, give us a call today! Let the professionals at Affidavit Maker® Software worry about changes in the law and changes in complaint language. Think of the burden that will be lifted from your Support Staff through the use of Affidavit Maker® Software. Affidavit Maker® Software makes perfect sense.